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Peter Max:
Love # 5 Original
Peter Max:
Umbrella Man # 4 Original
Love # 5 Original Peter Max Umbrella Man # 4 Original

Peter Max:
Untitled # 3108 Black Marker Original
Untitled # 3108 Black Marker Original

Peter Max

(1937 - )

German-born American illustrator and graphic artist, Peter Max is one of the most famous of all living artists. He is a pop culture icon with his bold colours, uplifting images and an uncommon artistic diversity. Peter Max has touched almost every phase of modern culture, particularly North American, and has inspired many generations.

Although born in Berlin, he grew up in Shanghai, China. At the age of 16, Max and his family emigrated to the US.

He has painted for six US Presidents and his art is on display in Presidential Libraries and US Embassies. Max has painted Lady Liberty annually since America's Bicentennial and in 2000 a collage of his Liberties adorned over 145 million Verizon phone books.

Peter Max was an official artist of the 2006 US Olympic Team at the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. He has also been Official Artist of five Super Bowls, The World Cup USA, The NYC Marathon, The World Series, The US Open, Indy 500 and The Kentucky Derby.

His art has flown the skies on a Continental Airlines Boeing 777 plane and his art installations include an incredible 600 foot stage for the 1999 Woodstock Music Festival. Max also produced a giant mural for the 2002 Winter Olympics and 10 foot guitars for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Noteworthy Achievements

  • Max often uses patriotic United States icons and symbols in his artwork.
  • He has created paintings of presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan and Bush in addition to his 100 Clintons - a multiple portrait installation.
  • His work often features images of politicians, celebrities, athletes and sporting events and other pop culture subjects.
  • One of Continental Airlines' Boeing 777-200ER aircraft jets sported a special livery designed by Max
  • His artwork was featured on CBS's The Early Show where his 44 Obamas, commemorating the 44th President of The United States, was debuted.