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Mason Storm Art For Sale

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Mason Storm: The Taking of Chris
Mason Storm: Girl In The Converse Trainers
The Taking of Chris Mason Storm Girl In The Converse Trainers Mason Storm

Mason Storm: Icons
Mason Storm: Modern Family
Icons Mason Storm Modern Family Mason Storm

Mason Storm

Mason Storm was born in, and is based in London. He enjoyed a varied career before becoming a full-time artist, with jobs including barrister, journalist and intelligence analyst.

Saatchi Magazine described him "one of the most talented and elusive artists in the UK today".

He exhibits internationally and is widely collected. He has graced the pages of many newspapers and magazines including The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mirror, Luxury London and Haute Living. There are rumours that he helped Banksy with his famous Monkey Parliament image.

Storm courts controversy and is well known for his trademark mask that hides his identity which he wears at all his public appearances.

Storm approaches his art and life with great humour; here is an insight:

Interviewer: Do you get embarrassed when people refer to you as a legend?
Mason: No I am outraged they would call me that.
Interviewer: Why?
Mason: Because they forgot to put the 'absolute' bit in first.
Interviewer: Aren't most fine artists a bit more humble and less cocky?
Mason: Yes they are, but I'm not a fine artist, I'm a magnificent artist.

Mason Storm in the news:

"An appeal has been made for the return of artwork installed on a wall where Banksy's work recently appeared, after two men were seen taking it away. Mason Storm's design was removed less than 12 hours after being revealed on the wall in Bristol, previously occupied by Banksy's "Aachoo!!". It had been due to be auctioned off for children's charity Dexter's Odyssey.": BBC

"The work, which recently sold for almost £10m, uses a realistic style not usually seen in Banksy's pieces, prompting some to ask whether it was created by another artist, Mason Storm. A spokesman for Banksy has declined to comment; while Storm says only that '"whoever painted it is a genius'.": BBC

"Is it a £10m Banksy – or just a chimp imitation? Art world goes ape as critics claim painting is too good to be his.": Daily Mail