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Chris Boyle Art For Sale

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Chris Boyle:
Marilyn Monroe
Chris Boyle:
James Dean
Marilyn Monroe Chris Boyle James Dean Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle:
Audrey Hepburn (SOLD)
Chris Boyle:
Clint Eastwood
Audrey Hepburn Chris Boyle Clint Eastwood Chris Boyle

Chris Boyle (British, Born 1977)

Chris Boyle, who lives in Suffolk, England, specialises in painting well-known icons from the past. His superb, very popular artworks are extremely collectable.

Boyle says: "I entered the world in the 70's. Brought up on dangerous building site playgrounds, eating dirt on my BMX bike, parachuting from trees, digging up coffins and stealing sweets to keep my sugar habit in check. From the early 80's I've been drawing and making things not knowing it would lead to my 'mid life crisis' career choice - which I am slap bang in the middle of now."