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Andy Dice Davies (AKA Dice 67) Art For Sale: Proud Low Achiever

Andy Dice Davies (AKA Dice 67) - Proud Low Achiever
Artist: Andy Dice Davies (AKA Dice 67) - (British)

Title: Proud Low Achiever

Year: 2016

Style: Contemporary

Condition: Excellent

Medium: Canvas. Spray paint and paint pens.

Image Size: 36 inches x 48 inches

Edition: This is an original canvas artwork "signed" using spraypaint with Andy Dice Davies' tag of "Dice 67"

Current Location: UK

Artist's Comment: "I think this is my favourite painting I've done so far, really pleased with it".

Provenance: The "Dice" in Dice Davies's name is a reference to the cult classic, "The Dice Man", a novel published in 1971 by George Cockcroft under the pen name Luke Rhinehart. It tells the story of a psychiatrist who begins making life decisions based on the casting of dice. The Certificate of Authentication that comes with this artwork is in fact a page torn out of a "The Dice Man" book which includes handwritten details about the piece, and is signed and dated by the artist. The page is photographed and archived for future comparison if required.

Background: Self-taught socio-political artist Andy Dice Davies explains the sentiment behind the piece 'Proud Low Achiever':

"It comes from Tory MP Sir Allan Duncan's comments in the House of Commons with regard to calls to look into politicians' tax affairs. He asked if people interested in their tax affairs were 'jealous of people with a hint of wealth' and they had to defend themselves otherwise they risked the House of Commons being 'stuffed full of low achievers'. He along with his party appear to have no inkling of the misery and hardship they are inflicting on the vulnerable, the disabled, the disenfranchised, the food bank recipients, people on below living wages and zero hour contracts, who appear to remain "outside the world" of privilege, favoured tax status, and above the law enjoyed by the high-achievers such as himself."

The 'Secret Society of Super Villains Artists' logo on the girl's t-shirt refers to an international collective of artists of which Dice Davies is a member. They participate in charitable events and fundraising.

Price: Price on Application

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