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Adrian Scicluna Art For Sale

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Adrian Scicluna:
One Too Many
Adrian Scicluna:
The Man With His Hands in His Pockets
One Too ManyThe Man With His Hands in His Pockets

Adrian Scicluna:
The Man With His Jacket In His Hand
Adrian Scicluna:
Story Space
The Man With His Jacket In His Hand Story Space

Adrian Scicluna:
A to B
Adrian Scicluna:
The Lady In The Hammock
A to B The Lady In The Hammock

Adrian Scicluna

Inspired by the long-distance relationship between himself and his children, the highly regarded contemporary artist Adrian Scicluna (shik-luna) explores the relationships between closeness and remoteness, absence and presence and proximity and distance. He merges ideas from different sources creating a whole new stunning landscape with multiple realities.

Full of hope, his art achieves a rare mix of melancholy and joy and very much touches upon human desires and needs.

Scicluna lives in Malta but exhibits internationally, mainly in London. His work has also been exhibited in the Office of the Prime Minister, Malta.

He has been preselected for the prestigious Threadneedle Prize which showcases the best in contemporary art and offers the largest prize for a single work of art in the UK. Scicluna has also been shortlisted for the ArtGemini Prize and Beers Contemporary Award for Emerging Art.

His pieces have been displayed across several London galleries including his stunning solo exhibition in the 508 Kings Road Gallery, Chelsea which brought together all of the pieces that are displayed on this page.